1965 Saab 96 Monte Carlo 850 in Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee

This episode of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee from 2014 features a two-stroke Saab 96 and comedians Jerry Seinfeld and Fred Armisen (from the TV show Portlandia). The episode is filmed in Portland, Oregon and the green Saab seems to fit in very well in this city, according to Seinfeld.

It’s no secret Jerry is a big fan of Saabs and this Saab 96 Monte Carlo 850 in Olive Green with brown interior and a two-stroke engine is no exception.

“The thing that is cool about a 2-stroke is there is no valves. You mix the oil and the gas. It sounds weird, it feels weird, it runs weird. If you don’t like weird, Saab is not for you.” according to Jerry. “Saab is one my favourite car companies. They started as an aeronautical company in the 30s. They barely exist anymore. They were so unique, so individualistic in everything that they did.”

Talking about the seatbelts: “They give the same kind of protection a cardigan sweater would. It looks like it is woven, very gently by some ladies in Stockholm.”

The owner of this Saab 96 is Tom Donney. He is a well-known Saab enthusiast from Iowa and he purchased a large number of vintage Saabs from the Saab USA heritage collection a few years ago. This 96 Monte Carlo was not part of that collection.

The vehicle is a rare 1965 Saab that’s known as a “96 Monte Carlo 850,” but it’s not to be confused with a Chevy Monte Carlo. Donney says he delivered the olive green car himself to the show’s producers in Portland. The show’s two previous borrowed vehicles had broken down and Donney says he had his concerns.

More information in this article from Radio Iowa: link